The Elon Musk Story: What makes him the most talked businessman?

Elon Musk, Topic of discussion for the whole world

Elon Musk is someone who was always of the thought that the internet and technology have so much to offer for this world. His journey shows his love and passion for technology. In no time Elon Musk has become one of the most famous businessmen ever. People feel the way he thinks is out of this world, well that’s where he wants to go for sure.

Elon Musk enrolled for a Ph.D. program in applied physics at Stanford University only two withdraw after just 2 days. He had bigger plans; just plans in his mind he went ahead with a belief to achieve whatever he thought of. That was the time when the internet was just taking its scene in the world and Musk wanted to make the most out of it. His first ever company was Zip2 which he had started with his brother. The company was about an online business directory equipped with maps. In 1999, the company was sold to computer maker Compaq for $307 million.

He later founded It was later merged with Confinity which together formed PayPal. eBay bought PayPal for $1.5 billion.

Now here’s when his life took a turn, despite earning so much fortune, he decided to take a risk and go ahead with a vision in his mind. He wanted to tackle three risks that are a danger for humanity: Climate risk, single-planet dependency risk, and human species obsolescence risk. To do so he founded two companies that are very well known all over the world now: SpaceX and Tesla.

His extraordinary vision behind both these companies was one of the major reasons behind him being a topic of discussion all over the world, all the time. People were surprised and became very eager to know more about his vision and thinking.

Not only his companies made him famous, but he also started talking about his vision and thoughts through different mediums and people became a fan of him. His tweets today are toping of discussion for days after the tweet is made. People have faith in him and the latest bitcoin jump is very evident about it.

We can say it’s the thinking, the vision behind Elon Musk being so famous, but a lot of credit goes to his confidence and belief in his passion and dreams which made him risk it all without any idea of how it would turn out. Elon Musk might just be the best example of how taking a risk could take you to a height that you might have not even imagined.

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